Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Rituals?

Tonight, as a part of our New Year's festivities, we'll be having a bowl-burning ceremony. The idea is to add meaning to this rotation of the sun, which ends this rotation of the earth around the sun. Really, it's just another moment in time. But since we have decided to end the year at the end of this day, it seems like a good time to add more meaning.

Adding Mythic Meaning

So we'll add mythic significance to today with ritual. We'll prepare a bowl with sand, write down any part of the last year that we don't want to carry with us into the next year, and burn it. Let it go up in smoke, and let the feeling go from our minds and bodies. Let go of these things we don't want to carry into the new year...

Then we will write a letter to ourselves / to God, asking and giving intention to what we would like in the upcoming year. We will strengthen in our minds what we want, and give ourselves a written reminder - that will be delivered in six months. Thus we have put it into our mind now, and added a level of accountability or a reminder for ourselves halfway through the year. I might also go into the steps I outlined in my New Year's Resolution post - breaking my plans into quarterly and monthly goals to check in on.

What will others do?

Anybody else out there in Blogland? What are your plans for today? What will you do to make the passing of the year more mythical and significant? If you have a similar idea, how will you enact it? If you have something completely different, what will you do?

Please post a response, and let us know how you will 'bring in the new year'!

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