Thursday, February 19, 2009

Making the Most of Productivity

This is an extended apology for not writing in almost two weeks.

I have been in a very tight situation financially, and it's making me look very closely at a lot of assumptions I have and things I do. I do believe that everything you do is an outgrowth of what you think you are. When we act in a certain way, it is in accordance with our values - no matter how we act. So by simply sitting back and watching your own actions, you can gain deep insight into your core beliefs. Which will give you the ability to affect those beliefs, automatically affecting change on how you act.

Therefore if I say I value money, but act differently, maybe spending too much, I show that I don't really value money. Action speaks louder than words... Therefore, as we currently are having money difficulties, I see the hint of a belief that interferes with being wealthy. And given my beliefs about money, that will not do.

Thus I have been focusing on the following question:
How much money did I make today?

This has been very powerful, as it forces me to look at each action, and decide what to do based on the return. I have been doing quite a few things that haven't given me the productivity I need to have right now. Thus it is time to change. By asking myself this, or a permutation without the word 'money', I have been able to cut out some things that haven't pushed me forward as much.

Blogging hasn't made me much money yet, so it got pushed back. My jobs - especially online - have been making money, so they got moved forward. Time watching my son has been distracting, so I cut back and made sure the time we spend is more special and personal. I think the quality has gone up in my interactions because of this. I've really appreciated time with the family the last couple days, partially because I've been creating less of it.

Thus the focus has been productivity - financial, emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical. I am working out a system to follow my successes and label my mistakes, like we have dollars for the financial side. See, money is easy. At the end of the day, if you have more than you started with - you are ahead.

What about physical health? What is the 'bottom line'???

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