Friday, January 23, 2009

Links of the Week

As I'm writing about investing lately, let me tell you the most important step in investing. Investing in yourself - in your education. Read, think, learn, grow. I read constantly, and look at new ideas and newsletters as much as I can. A great read, if you're thinking of investing is The Daily Wealth, by a hero of mine, Steve Sjuggerud - just don't ask me how to pronounce that! The Daily Wealth is a contrarian newsletter that looks at things a little differently. They have a lot to say, and you can learn a lot reading them.

If you want to build wealth through your work instead, give Michael Masterson's Early to Rise a read. He's built quite a few businesses to impressive proportions and has a lot to say as well.

Another favorite of mine is Van Tharp. With his background in psychology, he is a good person to listen to, on his website, through his trading game (on the website), or his book, Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom. The back of the book is on Risk management - probably the most needed part of any investor's tools. And if you have debt, savings, or your own home - you need to know about being an investor. If you understand money, you can get wealthy; if you don't you, you make other people rich. It's that simple.

Finally, to keep the YouTube tradition alive, I just found this song and have to share. I was listening to U2's Pride to celebrate MLK Day, and remembered this band. I can't believe I found a live version, with some incredible didgeridoo work.

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