Thursday, January 8, 2009

Living Well Rule #1: Know Yourself

It was really interesting. I had just gotten back from a trip through Greece and Turkey, and was looking over my pictures. I had picture after picture of the Blue Mosque, the palace in Istanbul, Bosphorus Strait, and the Parthenon. And here was one picture of me on a beach in Mykonos, a Greek Isle in the Aegean Sea.

I wondered why I had so many pictures of building, ruins, and famous places – and yet only one of this gorgeous beach. Had I forgotten to take pictures here? Obviously I had. And yet why?

It came to me slowly, through several conversations with friends over the next week. The other places were beautiful, and everyone was taking pictures of them, so I went along with the crowd. Not overly interested, I walked, half-bored, taking pictures of buildings that drew so many people year after year.

But the beaches and natural beauty of the Aegean Sea was breathtaking. I’ve realized that I’m a lover of the natural, the eternal. Man-made objects, no matter how spectacular, historic, and famous, just don’t have the same pull. Give me white, sandy beaches with a few tropical trees and I’m in heaven. A sunset over the sea, SCUBA diving amongst coral beds, or hiking to a distant waterfall – these are the things I want to experience.

And this knowledge of myself has been very good for the pocketbook. I have little interest in big, expensive touristy areas. Disneyland, or the Great Wall, or any famous building - I don't need to spend my money there.

I live at the beach, in a small town - and have all the natural beauty and free vacations I can handle. When I'm stressed out, I just grab my camera and watch the sun set. I go for walks on the beach with my family, or sit next to a stream.

So take the time to get to know yourself, and save yourself time and money most people spend chasing things they don't really want.

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